Coming Soon: Chit-Chat with Belize Expats

Everyone wants good advice from trusted sources.

You have scoured the web, looking for those who can help you navigate your way to Belize. Perhaps that’s why you’ve found your way here?

And because most of the nuggets of wisdom that we’ve gathered over the years have come from others, we want you to hear it directly from them.

That’s why we are initiating a regular Q&A-type feature called “Expat Chit-Chat”.

We ask Expats from every walk of life to tell us how they did it. And of course, there is no “right path”. But there is a best path for your circumstances.

Hopefully we’ll interview an Expat expert who you can relate with.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get expert advice regarding:

  • the best path to take to Belize?
  • the trials and successes that others can share?
  • the motivation that nudged others to “make the move”?
  • the pitfalls that you should avoid?
  • the steps you need to take to successfully settle in?
  • the type of life you can expect once you get to Belize?
  • the mistakes that were painful, but well worth making?

We plan to offer wisdom from every type of Expat, such as:

  • those whose plan was to retire and never work another day in their lives
  • those who have limited resources and need a creative route to exist in Belize
  • those who come from every walk of life and those who needed to recreate themselves
  • those who found a need in Belize and used entrepreneurial skill to meet that need

The Types of Expats We Will Profile

So you’ll meet the local Pastor who works with other Expats to settle in successfully.

You’ll understand the challenges that a Belize land developer overcame to make his development a reality and how he empowered the locals to give his development a unique mayan emphasis.

You’ll grasp the importance of finding a real estate pro who successfully took the steps to transfer the expertise from the U.S. market to the totally different Belizean market.

You’ll see how hospitality plays a role in the every day life of someone who provides short-term and long-term rental properties in Northern Belize.

All of these stories paint a picture of life in Belize for Expats. Each are meant to inspire you, and encourage you to ask all the right questions.

And speaking of asking the right questions, you’ll be given all the contact information for many of these Expats along the way so that you can target those who can help YOU the most.

And if you already know a Belize Expat with wise advice, please pass along their information!

Don’t be afraid to comment along the way and share your struggles and burning questions.

In fact, We would love for you to be the subject of a future “Expat Chit-Chat” segment one day.  Don’t sell yourself short.



8 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Chit-Chat with Belize Expats”

  1. My wife Clare and I have been traveling to Belize for the last 3 or 4 years now. We are building a small place on our land in Sartanja. We also have an interest in Corozal as well. We live in Missouri.

    1. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the comment. I have not visited Sartaneja yet, but my wife would travel there as a kid with her church group to a camp that was there at the time. It’s on my radar for next trip. So what is your interest in Corozal?

      1. Well we purchased a lot a little out of the main city near the beach and are planning on building in the next 2 or 3 years. At the Psalms of Corozal. We are going back in April, as well. I am also having some dental work done in Orange Walk.

        1. We looked at the Palms when we were there last. I’m curious why you chose there as opposed to other area developments? Would love to hear more?

          1. I suppose we are sorta pioneers who don’t go with the status quo. Coincidentally we actually met the owner on our flight out and talked about his new developments then. He is Also building the Diplomat in Belize City. We wanted reasonable pricing and close to the ocean win win! He is trust worthy something not common when buying in other countries.

          2. Geoff,
            It’s all about the people you meet, isn’t it? When you find someone you can trust, good things happen as long as they don’t take advantage of that trust. Glad you found what you are looking for. Hope things go well for you and would love to hear the story of your building process as it unfolds.

  2. This is a great way to find out about Belize and real expatriate living. We have been living in Corozal since 2011. We love our retired life here. I would love to chit chat with anyone on any issue.

    1. Irma, Your home rental was a big part of us enjoying our time in the Corozal area during the Holidays. I would highly recommend it to those who are investigating Northern Belize for retirement. I hope you’ll consider being featured in “Expat Chit-Chat”! You are the successful type of expat I’m looking to inspire others. Let me know if you’re willing to go through the Q&A interview process. Thanks for your support of

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